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    Testing Thread: Character Profile (not RP thread)


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    Testing Thread: Character Profile (not RP thread)

    Post  fruitspunchsamurai on Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:47 pm

    Okay to start off RP, I want to know first if you want to make your own original characters or if you want to use other created characters. I'm not picky and we can do both, but in order to do either we should make a template to make it easier to have a fun RP type game. So to make this simple I'll make a chart of a chara as a sample, but keep in mind NPCs and Villain charas will be completely unknown so that you also don't know the villain from the normal good people etc. You can make multiple Charas, but we'll get to that later.

    Role: For example, story-specific roles. How each person relates to one another.

    Full Name: The character's full, complete, and legal name.

    Name at birth: Same thing, but only if it was different when the character was born, i.e. if s/he changed name because of marriage, adoption, religious conversion, or other reason.

    Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Any aliases or nicknames that the character is addressed by, referred to as, or uses for whatever purpose on any regular basis.

    Title(s): Any title, such as "Dr.", or "Master", or "Special Agent", or "Venerable" may here be reference and noted.

    Preferred name: What name the character prefers to be addressed by. For example, Katsura goes by the name Katsura.

    Age/Date of Birth: Both the character's age (General)

    Gender: Male or female.

    Race/Ethnicity: What is the player character's racial identity? If the character exists in a fantasy world and is not human, the appropriate race and/or sub-race should be listed. It means you can be creative, BUT NO SPARKLING VAMPIRES. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Appearance: Physical appearance and clothes style. Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, or other notable or significant physical traits. For the sake of clarity, and should anyone want to doodle or parody stuff.

    Languages spoken: What languages does the character speak, including his or her native language(s)? Specifically, what dialect of each language does he or she speak? When, how, and why did the character learn any secondary languages?

    Weapons (if any): Does the character have any weapons or other sorts of equipment? What are they, how did he or she obtain them, and why does he or she keep them? Has the character ever lost or had confiscated any weapons or equipment? What were they, and why did this happen?

    Occupation(s): What is the character's occupation? Does he or she have multiple concurrent occupations or jobs? When did he or she start? How high up on the ladder is the character?

    Special Abilities/Skills: Does the character have any other special abilities or skills, whether highly desirable or not? Talents, learned skills, and such may all be listed here.


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    Sample Chara

    Post  fruitspunchsamurai on Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:52 pm

    Role: Hijikata's and Okita's Enemy.

    Full Name: Katsura Kotarou

    Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Zura, Nobleman of Madness, Bob.

    Title(s): Nobleman of Madness

    Preferred name: Katsura

    Age/Date of Birth: in his 20s

    Gender: Male

    Race/Ethnicity: Human... or is he?

    Appearance: Like Katsura...

    Languages spoken:Japanese, English, Pororokka, Various Amanto

    Weapons (if any): Swords, bombs, poisons and tech gadget.

    Occupation(s): Joi Rebel.

    Special Abilities/Skills: Heavenly Sword Technique, Shodo, Engineering, and chemistry.


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    Post  sanchez2007 on Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:36 pm

    Role: A sister to Sougo Okita

    Full Name: Mitsuba Okita

    Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Sister, -san,-sama, master...

    Preferred name: Master?

    Age/Date of Birth: 20s, May 26

    Gender: Female

    Race/Ethnicity: Japanese

    Appearance: Kimono

    Weapons (if any): Bazooka maybe. Steal-er borrows from Sougo Okita

    Occupation(s): Housewife and self proclaimed shinsengumi cook

    Special Abilities/Skills: Spice, senbei

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    Re: Testing Thread: Character Profile (not RP thread)

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